Thursday, November 10, 2016

Should I rent my exhibit booth?

This is the question on everyone's mind when you decide to attend your first or twentieth trade show. Here is where budget, time, the product your introducing and the amount and size of your trade show comes in.

Budget is usually the first consideration of a company- no matter how large or small. You want to introduce your product with the biggest WOW impact, leaving a lasting impression for any customer that visits your booth.  If this is your first trade show, renting your booth might be the most cost effective option for you. There are a few different rental options, you could start with a basic kit or step up to a fully customized rental option.  You can have a rental booth with impact by adding your own touches with furniture, lighting and your logo and custom graphics. Your Exhibit House team would be happy to assist you with a design to fit your show and product display.

Renting your trade show booth can relieve the stress and concerns of storage or damage during handling and transport.  A custom trade show rental booth gives you the flexibility to make changes without busting your budget if you attend several shows throughout the year. A rental booth option allows you to use the same booth design just by altering the graphics to accommodate the show or product display.

At Exhibit Solutions, our design team can help you create that fresh custom trade show booth.

To find out more about custom trade show rental designs or get more information on trade show rental booths.

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